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Summer Drink Driving

Which month has the highest number of drink drive convictions? December... January? No, June!

The summer has the highest number of drink drive convictions. Why? Roger Singer of the Drug & Alcohol Road safety Charity DDE+ explains.

Longer drinking sessions: BBQs are a prime example. You start at 11:00 on Sunday morning setting up in readiness for the friends and family to arrive. You sample the wine to ensure it's drinkable – yes fine!! but at 11:00 pm you are just clearing away the last of the stuff and the last of that very nice wine!

12 hours of steady drinking—never 'drunk' just nicely mellow—but you've consumed 8 glasses of wine. That's 3 units a glass (a 250ml glass of 12% wine contains 3 units) same as 'glasses in a bottle' as it happens!

3×12 (glasses) = 24 units = 24 hours! One unit takes one hour to process.

So, you won't be alcohol FREE (and therefore fit to drive) until 11am on Monday, long after you began driving to wherever you need to be.

And it doesn't matter whether you'd be under or over the 'limit' at 7:30am when you set off; you don't have to be 'over' to be convicted, you only have to be 'impaired'. Most moderate drinkers would be 'impaired' under the current drink drive limit. Even more likely in Scotland!

Impromptu drinking: I pop over to you to borrow your mower as mine has died. You are having a BBQ so I have one to be sociable, or was that two?

It's just HOT: we drink more liquid, simple as that. A cold larger beats water hands down!

So beware, learn your units! Click here to try our FREE trial on-line training—and be safe!

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