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>>DDE for convicted drivers
DDE for schools
Already convicted? We can help with DVSA approved courses to reduce your disqualification and possibly your insurance costs.Click for more
>>DDE+ for schools and colleges
DDE for schools
Teaching the next generation of drivers how to avoid the dangers of drink and drug driving.Click for more
>>DDE+ Online Training
Online training
The drug and alcohol driving safety course for companies, organisations and individuals that can be taken online.Click for more
>>DDE+ for the workplace
DDE for the workplace
Implementing alcohol and drug free policy with you for your workplace. Training your drivers to know when they will be alcohol and drug when driving or at work.Click for more


Who's driving your children right NOW?

While you're at work, who's driving your children?

Some time ago we had a nanny on one of our convicted courses. She had taken the children out in the car, all correctly belted in. Another driver drove into the back of their car. The nanny was so incensed she called the police and when they arrived they breathalysed everyone—as is standard practice. To the nanny and to be fair the Officer's surprise, she was 'over' from the night before.

One of the parents was called from work to take charge of the children while the nanny was taken to the police station and processed. At court she was banned for the minimum of 12 months though was at risk of a much more severe sentence as there were children in the car. She completed one of our DVSA Approved three day, 16 hour courses and reduced her ban to 9 months, a wiser driver now.

The nanny lost her job and might struggle to get another one. The parents had to go through the palaver of hiring another nanny and providing cover whilst this lengthy process took place.

All this could be avoided by getting your nanny to complete our FREE on-line drink-drive avoidance session. It only takes 45min and he/she will have another certificate for their portfolio—and you can work happily knowing it's all sorted and everyone is safe.

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