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DDE for schools
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DDE for the workplace
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Drink Drive Quiz

Can you pit your wits against our quiz-master and drink-drive expert, Roger Singer?

1. If alcohol was invented today which class of drug would it be?
a, class A     b, class B     c, class C     d, none – as now     e, not sure

2. Alcohol goes to all parts of the body, but it mostly affects and is processed by?
a, the bladder     b, the brain     c, the stomach     d, the liver     e, not sure

3. Which of these drinks contains MOST alcohol?
a, a pint of premium lager (5.3%abv)    b, a double 35ml gin & tonic
c, they are all the same     d, a 250ml glass of 12%abv red wine     e, not sure

4. You are DRUG tested by the roadside, your reading is positive so you are taken to the police station where you are found to have 3-microgram/l of THC (cannabis) in your blood.
Are you in trouble?     a, Yes    b, No    c, not sure

If you are 'not sure' about any of these please let us help you manage your road risk.






Answers - 1a, 2d, 3c, 4 Yes (the limit is 2-microgram/l)

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