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Which month has the highest number of drink drive convictions? December... January? No, June!
Who's driving your children while you're at work? Educate your childcare providers on how to calculate when they're alcohol-free.
Latest news on the Road Traffic Act 1988 (Alcohol Limits) (Amendment) Bill [HL] 2015-16
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Road Safety Week: 21st–25th November 2016. DDE+ is running some free workshops during November's Road Safety Week.

On a recent course for convicted drivers—I shan’t say where—a participant told the group this alarming story:

“I was on a day off, just pottering about the garden when my boss called: “Is there any chance you can come in? Two people have gone sick and we’re up to our eyes.” I said yes and immediately drove in.

“When I got there, my boss caught a whiff of my breath and asked if I’d been drinking. Of course I said no, but he wasn’t satisfied. He breathalysed me and the test came back positive. It must’ve been from what I drank during the previous evening... In that moment I lost my job.”

What should you do?

Almost 1 in 5 convicted drink drivers are ‘morning after’. All drivers should learn to calculate when they’ll be free of alcohol (and therefore fit to drive). Most companies’ drink-/drug-drive policies state that employees should be free from drugs and alcohol. If your boss asks you to come in on your day off and you’ve calculated that you’re not yet fit to drive, you should politely decline and inform your boss of the time at which you will be fit and happy to drive in.

False! You don’t need to be over the limit; you can be convicted of being ‘impaired through drink or drugs’.

67% of drivers are significantly impaired BELOW this level—if we are shown to be ‘impaired’, that’s still a year’s ban. Many Police Services are honing their skills at Field Impairment Testing.

Interestingly, the limit of 80mg/100ml of blood is very high compared with most of Europe (including Scotland! where it is 50mg/100). Indeed, there is nowhere in the world that has a higher drink driving limit than England and Wales.

Remember! Trying to work out if you’re over the limit is a fool’s game; it’s virtually impossible to calculate. If you want to know how to calculate when you’re alcohol-free (and therefore at no risk of conviction), simply purchase an eLearning session or contact us about a workshop at your workplace, school or college.

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