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High Risk Offender (HRO) scheme.  Changes effective from 1-6-13.
Get a CDT test before you meet the DVLA doctor. 
See the medical questionaire for LGV drivers - Questionnaire D4

Section 42(1) applications - reducing bans over 24 months

NEW DRUG DRIVE legislation

The relevant Road Traffic Act

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act - Your disqualification is 'spent' at the end of the length of disqualification, any fine is 'spent' after one year [assuming you've paid it!!]
If you had a 'Community Punishment' [Probation or Community Service/Payback] it is spent 1 year after completion of the Order. With
thanks to Unlock.

Going to America - will you need a visa? (this link takes you to an external site)

Driving in the UK on an EU licence

Driving Licence Renewal after 10 years

Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines (see p128-134 and 139-145) (this link takes you to an external site's pdf)

Insurance Companies for sensible quotes, if you have completed a course

Have you considered getting an electric bike?

Re-apply for your licence 3 months before you are due to drive again (4 months if you are HRO). Order a D1 form (or a D2 for HGV or PSV) from the DVLA or get one from the Post Office. For further information click here.

If you need to read our relevant policies, click on Equal Opportunities or Complaints or Data Protection

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