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>>DDE for convicted drivers
DDE for schools
Already convicted? We can help with DVSA approved courses to reduce your disqualification and possibly your insurance costs.Click for more
>>DDE+ for schools and colleges
DDE for schools
Teaching the next generation of drivers how to avoid the dangers of drink and drug driving.Click for more
>>DDE+ Online Training
Online training
The drug and alcohol driving safety course for companies, organisations and individuals that can be taken online.Click for more
>>DDE+ for the workplace
DDE for the workplace
Implementing alcohol and drug free policy with you for your workplace. Training your drivers to know when they will be alcohol and drug when driving or at work.Click for more

Workplace Training

Almost 1 in 5 convicted drivers are caught 'morning after' but they may be of greater concern to you if they are on the way to, or at, work, possibly in your liveried vehicle. Most of these drivers say 'I felt fine to drive'.

We train drivers not to try to guess when we might be 'under the limit'. We train them to know when they will be ALCOHOL & DRUG FREE when driving, or at work.

DDE+ will improve participants' knowledge and understanding about the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving ability, how long to allow for specific drinks and drugs before driving. The course will make sure that your employees know WHY they should comply with your company's Drug & Alcohol Policy, and HOW to conform to it by reporting for, and remaining alcohol and drug FREE at work, which will also assist your company in complying with relevant H&S legislation. The course includes a pre- and post-learning questionnaire, thereby giving you an audit trail.

Drink and Drug Drive Awareness for Drivers - a half-day session for up to 16 people, am/pm/both flyer

Costs - we aim to be transparent -

  • half-day (3 hours) £420 am or pm up to 16 people or £26.25 each
  • 2 half-days (on the same day), up to 16 x 2 = £638 or £19.93 each

The 3 hour course is our standard but we can do however long or short you want.

Courses are at your, or locally hired, premises. You provide training room, refreshments and candidates. The only extras are the Trainer's expenses: mileage from Reading & accommodation if required.

Display half or full day (cost above)  We bring our display plus personnel to manage it and engage your people in simple but essential questions, we then feed the results of this survey back to you with recommendations for future action. The display is best sited in a common area - at BA we did it in the atrium where cabin crew pass through on the way to their aircraft, at the recent BRAKE conference we were in the foyer and at The Safety & Health  Expo almost 200 people visited our stand over the three days.  We took the stand to the  ICFM conference at Williams F1 where we were well recieved.

Want something else? address your conference? give a focus to your AGM? just ask.

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