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>>DDE for convicted drivers
DDE for schools
Already convicted? We can help with DVSA approved courses to reduce your disqualification and possibly your insurance costs.Click for more
>>DDE+ for schools and colleges
DDE for schools
Teaching the next generation of drivers how to avoid the dangers of drink and drug driving.Click for more
>>DDE+ Online Training
Online training
The drug and alcohol driving safety course for companies, organisations and individuals that can be taken online.Click for more
>>DDE+ for the workplace
DDE for the workplace
Implementing alcohol and drug free policy with you for your workplace. Training your drivers to know when they will be alcohol and drug when driving or at work.Click for more

Schools and Colleges

Its all very well saying - dont drink or drug drive - but when can you drive?
Your students; drivers and soon-to-be drivers need to know or they may be one of the almost 1 in 5 convicted - 'morning after'. We show you and your students HOW not to drink or drug drive. 
Julie Jones, Oxfordshire Road Safety Officer, said - 'If you are keen to come at the drink drive topic from a slightly different, far more realistic, direction then I'd recommend you get in touch with DDE+'.
What have been offering a unique intervention since 1993, developed though our work with the Department for Transport, Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, RoSPA, many Road Safety Officers and BRAKE; through education and training - not scare tactics.

We can help you in a number of ways: you could -
  1. order a FREE 50min DVD pack - call 0844 2511 363 or e-mail 
  2.   and download a FREE lesson plan too.
  3. have us visit you for a live presentation - £390* 
  4. book a half-day Drink and Drug Drive Avoidance course for your minibus drivers - £390 for up to 14 drivers*  
  5. buy a ready-made Drug & Alcohol Workplace Policy for your minibus drivers - £49

See a list of the Schools and Colleges we help now.  Want us to do something different? Just ask!

*plus speaker expenses from Reading

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